Marker Designs

Choosing a memorial for you and your family is an important, personal decision. You should consider the following when choosing a design:

All memorials are available in an array of sizes depending upon your preference and the design chosen. Other cemeteries may have different rules and regulations regarding sizes and types of memorial markers allowed. Please be sure you know what the cemetery allows.

We offer personalized and traditional designs tailored to interests and hobbies, religious and fraternal affiliations, classic designs and special themes of the Northwest. Our skilled memorial artists can also customize a design for a truly unique memorial that reflects the personality of the individual it commemorates.

All designs are available in any of the standard colors however certain designs work better on some colors, and we will work with you to create a monument that combines the beauty of the stone with your personal design.

You can add many unique and personal elements: An inscription, emblem, signature or picture that represents the uniqueness of your loved one. Custom artwork or carving can convey your one of a kind message.

As you are purchasing a monument that will endure for generations, it's important to know that we are the oldest Cemetery in operation in most of Washington, in operation since 1852. Trusted by generations of Washingtonians.

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