Jacob Smith Family

Jacob Smith and his family left: Indiana and crossed the Oregon Trail in 1851. They settled first on Whidby Island before moving to Chambers Prairie. Their large family included 4 daughters and 3 sons. Son Samuel Howard Smith, who lies beside his parents, preceded them in death. While hunting on Bush Prairie with the Bush brothers, he leaned his rifle against a tree. When he picked it up, it discharged, killing him on the spot.

His father, Jacob Smith, died a little over a year later in 1879. Priscilla Smith remained in the house on Chambers Prairie until her death in 1894. The woman was remembered fondly. The Morning Olympian described her. "[She] was known far and wide for her charity and hospitality. The history of the county would scarcely be complete without recalling the many happy gatherings of young people under her roof. She was a great entertainer and her home was always the scene of a dance or festivity of some kind, and the favored resort for young people."

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